Memorare Prayer Card - Download our prayer card that we will pray together during the time of COVID

Pray as You Go - This is a 10-12 minute meditation of the daily readings from mass. It is excellent. (click here)

Sacred Space - Another guided meditation, with music and prayer. (click here)


Simple Prayer Some prayers that might guide us into solitude. (click here)


Spiritual Communion - Many of you asked for the prayer that I pray after Communion with those who cannot receive. It is the "Anima Christi" - The Soul of Christ. (click here)

Prayer for Big Love - Prayers for the family. (click here)


Prayer for Peace - Prayers to help with anxiety during the pandemic. (click here)

Prayer for a Caring Heart - (click here)

Stations of the Cross - A virtual guide through the Stations of the Cross from our Cornerstone group

Stations of the Cross - Presentation of the Stations, led by Father Jim

Holy Week Mass Archive - Watch all the Masses from Holy Week 2020

Rosary - Pray the Rosary with us





Below are several articles to help us with our grief during the time of COVID.

How to Grieve When Funerals Are Not an Option(Read Article)

10 Ways You Can Support Someone Grieving During The Coronavirus Crisis (Read Article)

What Not to Say to Someone Grieving During Coronavirus Crisis (Read Article)

Coping With Loss and Grief During the Coronavirus Crisis (Read Article)

Carenotes on Grieving (Download list)





Materials from our comprehensive workshop on caring for aging parents. Click here.


Choral Warmups with Goals

Please read the musical goal of each warmup (here) and practice with its corresponding accompaniment below.

Choral Warmup Accompaniments

01 Come Now Let Our Voices 1
02 I Just Want To Sing Today
03 Sing A Joyful Song
04 Warmin Up Our Voices
05 Feet Are Firmly Planted
06 Relax, Release
07 Roll Your Shoulders
08 Though The Notes May Rise
09 Drop Your Jaw

Sightreading Practice:


1) Click Try it for Free


2) Click  “Ensemble"


3) Click "Choir Multi Part"


4) For Voices, add one, two, three, or all four parts, then click “Next” at the bottom of page


5) For Time Signature, click 4/4 or Random, then click “Next” at the bottom of page


6) For Key Signature, click Random suggested key signature, then click “Next” at the bottom of page


7) Click on “Start Free Play"


8) Press Play bottom at top middle of page, and practice singing on Doo.

Rhythm Practice:


1)  Click to use Flash (you may not have this on your screen)


2)  Choose Mode B,  Tempo Fast or Slow depending on your mood, and Rhythms to Use:  choose first

two boxes in top line


3)  Click GO!


4)  Play Choices A, B, C, and D by pressing green arrow.  Click the letter you think represents the rhythm you

see displayed.


5)  Email me your results!


6)  Go back and add other rhythms to challenge yourself.  


Music Quizzes, Puzzles, and Games:

Scroll through 130+ games and quizzes. These are fun for kids and adults.



Thank you for contributing mercy bags to St. Margaret's Center. Below is a list of suggested hygiene item donations.

All items are packaged and distributed free of cost to homeless persons who receive food and other services at St. Margaret’s Center.  Small trial sizes are the best, but any donations are welcome!



  • Soap

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Deodorant

  • Body Lotion

  • Razor

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Socks (unisex tube style)

  • Comb

  • A personal note and/or prayer is always nice to include!


Thank you for your support!

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