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Below you will find the form to request a Quinceanera. 


Candidate must have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation and the sacramental certificates must be submitted at time of registration. If candidate has not received the sacrament of confirmation, she must be currently enrolled in our program and/or fulfill the Candidate Requirements as indicated below. 

Candidate and parent(s) must complete and return a Quinceanera Mass Registration Form at least 6 months prior to requested date but no earlier than 1 year and sign the Quinceanera Acknowledgement form. 


Mass Scheduling

Quinceanera Masses are scheduled on Saturdays between the hours of 11am-1pm. No exceptions will be made.



Rehearsals are scheduled on the Wednesday or Friday prior to ceremony for one hour and will begin promptly at scheduled time (5 PM).


During Mass 

Mass will begin promptly at scheduled time otherwise your event will be shortened or possibly cancelled. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ceremony.

Only the parents will process in and out with candidate


Decorations/Floral Arangements

The sanctuary and church environment are set according to the current liturgical season, feast days and solemnities. No additional floral arrangements or decorations are permitted inside or outside of the church. 

Sanctuary and church items may not be moved or removed under any circumstances. 


After Mass

To ensure that the Church and other areas are clean and do not cause interruption or delay of any ceremonies or Masses to follow, please assign someone to be responsible for removal of all ceremony items ie. programs and personal items left in the Church. 

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