Suzanne Hickenlooper

My mom is truly great, loving, caring, talented, and she is very devoted to my well-being.

She always goes out of her way to help me with different aspects of my life.

- Charles Hickenlooper

Fran McGrath

My mother is a classic New Yorker- hilarious, passionate about life and interesting.

She formed a lip syncing band with two other Vis parishioners. The Bandmas- they only play for the deaf.

Needless to say, there are boas, but nothing to plug in and no gigs pending. Love you, Mom!

- Kathy McGrath

Pat Sampson

My mom always liked the big billowy white clouds that seem to come after a rainstorm.

She would have loved all the clouds this spring.

- Sue Mapes

Myrtis Hubbard

I'm grateful for my mom raising me to be strong, caring, kind, faithful and giving!!!

I'm also happy she is "joining us" from San Diego for our Mass at Visitation!!!

- Guylaine Brosmer

Manoly Leon

While taking her last breath (surrounded by her 4 daughters) my mom said "I am not afraid, I am in God's hand".

Up to the very end of her life, she had a never ending faith in her Lord.

- Karely Deal

Norma Smith

Mom thanks for believing in me and taking care of me. I am so grateful for you.

Look down on us, pray for us and send your love. Love u lots.

- Dan Smith

Inez Gutierrez

My mom was a wonderful person. She was thoughtful of others, but mostly loved her family.

- Tanya Gutierrez


From LA and GA to Heaven. Although we live apart our love is never apart. Thank you, Mum.

Love, Sallly and Cammie

Jean Ramirez

This is Mom's first Mother's Day in Heaven and I'm sure she's having the very best celebration.

Thank you Mom for being such a wonderful Mother to all 8 of us and for giving us the gift of our Faith.

Love You Mom, Anne

Marcella Paluch

My mom was an awesome lady. She worked hard and provided LOVE everyday. I have a short prayer for you mom: I said a prayer for you today for safety and protection. I asked God to send angels full of love and affection. I prayed for good health for you and those you love-There's healing in His wings from heaven up above. Amen. Your a great mom to me, you are a wonderful and loving grandma to Krista and Amber, and an AMAZING Great Grandma (Gigi) to Abigail and Bailey. We all wish you the very best on this Mother's Day. Hugs and Kisses.

- Debbie Chauff

Ann Vezzetti & Claire Mallek

Remembering my Mom always with Love and the fondest memories!

- Maria Mallek

Anne Valenzuela-Smith

Loving mother, wife, sister and friend. You are such a great mom to our girls. You are a fantastic role model to them.

Powerful, capable, hardworking, smart, empathetic and full of Big Love.

- Dan Smith

Nancy Valenzuela

Anne, Julia, Emma and I miss you everyday. Look down on us with your smile, kindness and love.

Until we see you again, pray for us.

- Dan Smith

Betty Saienni

No woman could possibly be a more loving and supportive mother than my mom Betty. She has always given of herself and led by example. She is the rock of our family and we would be lost without her. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you...

- Roman Saienni

Diane Mayer

Grandma Bear as she is affectionately called by family and friends is a true matriarch. Caring, compassionate, and thoughtful, she makes each person in her life feel as if they are the most unique and special. She has created a home filled with love that has welcomed many bear cubs into the fold over the years. Grandma Bear, WE LOVE YOU!!!

- Blake Mayer

Jennifer Mayer

Mama, you fill our lives with love and joy everyday. We love baking with you, our family bike and scooter rides, and simply snuggling with you each and every night. You are so thoughtful and make time for each of us to feel special and uniquely loved. Thank you for being a fantastic Mama!

- Morgan & Hannah Mayer


My mother is fearless and thoughtful. She works tirelessly every day and is always on the go but never at her families expense.

She embodies every sacred Catholic and Christian element of what a mother should be to her family and to her child. I grew up loving God and worshiping the true faith and I am forever and still grateful for my mother's constant reminder that I am loved by God almighty. May she always know my love for her is as strong as my faith in the Catholic Church.

- Timothy

Esther Tintle

Loving wife of 55 years, mother of 8, grandmother of 13. Fantastic cook, fed a family of 10 on $1/day. Made many sacrifices along with my dad to send the 8 of us to Catholic grade and high schools. Made each of her children feel special. Deeply religious.

- Mary (Tintle) Hunter

Evelyn Taranto

Prayers for my Mama Evelyn who has always been there for us. She's positive, happy, and loving no matter what. We are very fortunate to have a great mother/grandmother like her!

 - Beth Comenat

Phyllis Ambrose

Loving mom of 5, always there to listen. Loves to read and sew. Earliest memory of my mom was going to the library - we all have her same passion for reading. She has sewn for all of us - nothing better than the label Made Especially for you from Grandma Phyllis. Love you mom!

- Janis Shard

Belen Maldonado

Loving and caring mom of 10 daughters, you continue to give us strength and courage through your faith and prayers.

We all adore you!

- Stella Padilla

Carm Marcelletti

Miss you tons mom! Can't tell you how much I appreciate you and love you!

- David Marcelletti

Rosalie Zupan and Angelika Carr

God I thank you for blessing me with such an amazing Mom, the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. I ask that you please continue to watch over her, protect her, and shower her with many blessings on this special day and always. And I also want to pray for my beautiful Grandma up in heaven, may she also enjoy this special day and know that we are celebrating her today and always. I love you so much Mom and Grandma, Happy Mothers Day to you both.

- Annie Zupan

Nancy Holly

My mom has always put her kids above all else. She gives her love unconditionally and is the most supportive advocate for not only us but for all of her grandchildren as well! She is my rock and I love her so so much!

- Diana Neilson

Peggy Lennon

Proud mother of 13, Grandmother to 39, Great Grandmother to 54, and Great Great Grandmother to 3. She lives on in all of us every day. Beautiful loving wife, faithful woman of God, artist, dancer, chef of "loaves and fishes", creative, joyful, forgiving, nurturing, grateful and always hopeful.

- Tina Boehle

Peggy Kehl

My Mom is amazing! Her love and support through the good times and the tough times has always been consistent and constant.

I love you Mom!

- Russell Kehl

Myrtis Hubbard

Lord have mercy on mom as she declines in health. Let her faith strenghten during these times.

- Caprice Hubbard Sander

Gloria Grover

I pray for continued blessings and good health for my mom on this Mother's Day and always. Te quiero mucho, Mam!

- Adelfa Kubu

Mediatrix Kehl

I love the way she always helps me when I struggle to cook.

- Brandon Kehl

Mediatrix Kehl

I love my mom because she is a good supporter. She is always there when you need her.

- Kendra Kehl

Becky Murray

My Mommy is kind and caring and l love her. She is the best Mommy. xxx God bless her always, xx

- Tibet Murray

Mary Lindsay

Gone too soon but always loved and never forgotten.

A treasure and the best example of grace and loving to all. My best friend. xxx

- Liz Murray

Eva Madden

I will always remember you with love and gratitude especially on this Mother's Day no matter how long you are gone.

Love you Mom xo

- Fran


A good mom that so cared for her children--me Robert being her "Bobby"--love you mom!

- Robert Ambrose

Bernice Lieb

She raised seven children on an LA Unified salary (my dad's) and finished the job after his death with her own teaching job.

All children graduated college and became good parents themselves.

- Phyllis Ambrose

Lenore Rotolo

I'm so thankful first of all to have mom with us at 91 and thriving. She still makes dinner for our family once a week even though we aren't able to be with her to share the meal these days. Always creative, charming, loving, lovable, funny, and helpful. That's mom!

- Mike Rotolo

Carol McGurk

My mom is the rock of our family. She demonstrates her love of God and has been setting the example for her children and grandchildren to follow. I am grateful for her and love her very much!

- Kristeen Barnes

Betty Saienni

Betty is our MVP! She helps us more than she will ever know. We love you very much, Mama Betty :).

- Roman, Patty, Dominic, Tina & Vicki

Karen Zimmerman

Mama Kip, we love you so much! You bring brightness to our day and you are so much fun.

- Roman, Patty, Dominic, Vicki & Tina

Celia VanDusen

God blessed us with the BEST Mom/Grandma ever! She is so important to our family and we love her so much! 💗

- Jim, Dana, Christina & Julia Locke

Domitila Comenat

Mom, We always rely on your caring, support and love. Even with all you do taking care of Dad you still continue to look out for everyone in your family. Thank you for everything you do for your children and grandchildren. We miss you and love you very much!

- John Comenat

Carol McGurk

My mom was always there for me. I felt loved and cared for and it makes me a good mother myself;)

- Sweet P Vaughn


My mother's unconditional love has given me a deeper sense of how much God loves me and all of us.

Her compassion and tenderness has taught me about God's compassionate love and mercy.

May my dear mom rest in God's eternal embrace of love and light forever.

- Sr. Joanna Carroll, CSJ

Laura Trujillo

Thank you for being an amazing mom. You always care about our needs and will do absolutely anything to make us feel loved.

I am so lucky to be your daughter and I hope you enjoy this special day just for you!

- Danielle Trujillo

Virginia Hunter

As a single parent in the 1950's my mother made many sacrifices to raise me and provide a Catholic education.

Our many camping trips gave me a love of the outdoors that continues today. Her independence and perseverance were so much of who she was. She always fought the good fight,finished the race,and kept the faith.

- Tom Hunter

Ursie Zerbe

May God bless my amazing mom on this special Mother’s Day, and may He continue to walk with her

and bless her each and every day. She is my best friend, and a source of strength, inspiration, and joy.

I always think of her when I see sunrises, pink roses, beautiful trees, rainbows, and sunsets. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

I love you so very much!!! Thank you for sharing your life and your faith with me!

- Greta

Doris Rocco Rodriguez

Giving is a word that describes my mother. She gave me the moon, the stars the universe and all its little miracles. She gave me the courage to believe in my dreams. She taught me to hold traditions dear, and family close. And long before anyone else my mother showed me what love really is. Thank you, Mom.

- Suzanne Rocco Russo

Francisca Gonzalez

I thank God for blessing me and my siblings with the greatest mother!! Although she is home in heaven,

we feel her presence every day❤️ I love you Mommy❤️

- Amanda Gonzalez Knudsen

Debbie Chauff

What can I say about my mom. She is the best mother a daughter can ask for. She always puts others before herself. She is very strong and can do anything she puts her mind to. She has molded me into the woman I have become and I hope that one day I will be just as good as a mom as she is. I love her with all my heart.

- Amber Chauff


Laura Trujillo

Happy mother’s day Mother! Thank you for being my mom and always caring for me, being supportive, and just an overall great mom. I could not have asked for better. And most importantly.....thank you for food. We love you lots! Love, Sophia

Irene Durows

I lost my Ma in 2008, and I think of her every day--her love for her children and grandchildren, her fabulous cooking, her sense of humor and that sparkle in her eye, her faith and love of the Church. It's only in the past few years that I fully realized how incredibly influential she was to my love of music and singing, too. I'm grateful for the gift of her life and for how she shared it with me.

- Tanya Salvini

Elizabeth Drucker

Happy Mother’s Day to someone that’s so warm, loving and caring. She’s nice and sweet to everyone she meets.

- Matt Drucker

Rebekah Drucker

Our mom is loving and she takes care of us and helps us everyday be better people.

We love her so much. She’s the best. 

- Michael, Luke & Charlotte

Judith Nelson

Happy Mother’s Day grandma. Thank you for being so generous, loving and helpful. We love you very much.

- The Drucker family


 Anne Valenzuela-Smith

For the woman who has shown us how to lead with confidence, love big, treat yourself

and others with integrity, and serve your community joyfully. You are everything we are and everything we do.

We love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day!

- Emma and Julia

Beth Comenat

Beth, you are the love of our lives and the center of our family. At work, at home, in life you give us daily inspiration with your energy and by your example. Thank you for all you do for us and we love you so much.

- John, Jolene, and Janelle


Juana Santana

Gracias Mami por todo los sacrificios que has hecho y sigues haciendo por nosotros.

Dios the bendiga y guarde con salud. Te queremos mucho.

- Elizabeth Najera

Florence Najera

Thank you Mom for all the love and support you always give us. You are a wonderful Mom & Nana.

God bless you and keep you safe always. We love you.

- Elizabeth Najera

Elvira Solís

She is a strong, patient, loving mother. Whom I aspire to be everyday.

- Anel Guerra

Mary Charnie

You are the best Mom ever! Thank you for all your love and encouragement! Kisses and hugs!

- Georgeann Callinan

Lynne Callinan

  Mom I have been truly blessed to have you in my life. I love You.

- Paul Callinan

My Mother

My mom is my best friend. She once told me that she did not grow up with a supportive mom so she had made a vow to be the best mom she could be when she had children. She has certainly done that. When I came home from the hospital with my son, scared to death, she calmly taught me to hold and love him. I really realized then, 36 years ago, what it was to be a mother and how my mother had not told me what to do but had shown me what to do by living a life of caring.

- Marlene Kaufman Migliazzo



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