Safeguarding the Children

In compliance with the Archdiocesan mandate and in faithful service to the goal of preventing child sexual abuse in our community, this committee is made up of volunteers from Visitation Parish who represent the diversity found within the community.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the committee shall be to help educate all parish members in protecting the children and young people of the parish from physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse issues.

Our mission will be accomplished by:

  • Gathering and providing appropriate media materials, including the Archdiocesan guidelines, pertaining to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, and health and safety.
  • Providing a confidential open door policy which may include making referrals to appropriate community agencies or family advocates.
  • Providing educational programs to adults and children, including VIRTUS training and Teaching Touching Safety classes, and managing records of such activities.
  • Providing ongoing review of the parish and school physical plant for safety issues.

Our Safeguard the Children Committee meets regularly in the Parish Center. The public portion of the meeting is open to all Visitation parishioners. Call the rectory to find out the date and time of the next meeting. To reach the Chairman, please call the rectory at 310.216.1145 x22.

Our committee consists of five people. Four of the five are parents. Our group consists of a school teacher, a police officer, a registered nurse, a young man recently graduated from college, and a Parish staff member. We have as a former committee member, a child psychologist who has supported abused youth and is a resource should we have the need.


Dick Van Dusen – Committee Chairperson

Debbie Chauff – School teacher

Edward Chauff – Police officer

Susan Mapes – Nurse

Jonathan Golad – Young man – college grad.

Below, you can also explore more about the program, what specific actions Visitation has taken to achieve our goals of a safe environment for all, and how to get Virtus Certified in order to volunteer in Religious Education and other programs involving our kids.

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