Lector Sue MapesThe Lector Ministry makes a truly satisfying and meaningful contribution to Eucharistic celebrations at Visitation Church. They proclaim the Word of God at our liturgies, and in doing so they take upon themselves the duty and privilege of bringing the printed word to life—making it flesh. When one answers the call to be a minister of the word, one enters a deeper relationship with the word of God as revealed in sacred scriptures.

“I have found that when I review the readings for the upcoming week’s Mass, the readings themselves become my personal prayer to our Lord”

A lector is expected to pre-read and prepare readings, learn the proper pronunciation of unfamiliar words, and read at a pace that encourages thoughtful reflection of the Word and it’s meaning as it relates to our contemporary lives. Lectors need to arrive about 15 minutes before Mass, and to be in appropriate attire. There is a required training.

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