Holy Eucharist


First Holy Communion (or First Eucharist) continues the initiation of the child, or adult convert, into the life of Jesus Christ. If there is one sacrament that can be pointed at as the heart of our Catholic faith, it is the Eucharist. On the night before He died, when Jesus took the bread and wine into His hands, a mystery began, the mystery of God’s overwhelming love for His people.

“For my flesh is real food. And my blood is real drink.” – John 6:55

He gave us his life so that we might have life. The Eucharist represents for us all that is true of the life of Jesus. All His teachings, His thoughts, His struggles, His sacrifice, his care for the people. All that is true of Jesus is the Eucharist. It is His life, which we take into our life. We enter into the divine.


Children usually receive two years of sacramental preparation before receiving the Eucharist regardless of what age or grade level they enter into the program. In our School of Visitation, the Eucharist is usually received in the 2nd grade. In our Religious Education Program 2nd grade also is the norm, however we often accept children into the preparation who are in later grades.

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