The Sacrament of Confirmation, following after Baptism and Eucharist, is the final sacrament of initiation. At Confirmation the Holy Spirit strengthens the baptized Christian and endows her or him with gifts to enable them to carry out our mission to be Christ in the world and to continue building God’s kingdom. In this moment, the fully committed Catholic no longer needs the faith of their Godparents or parents to sustain them. They now live their own faith, declaring themselves to be disciples of Christ.


Program Goal

Our goal as a program is to provide a setting that is safe, fun, engaging, and inviting in which students are encouraged to deepen their faith and relationship with God, the church community, and each other. We hope that our program helps teenagers to grow in their knowledge and excitement about their faith, and become more fully involved in our church community. We encourage students to challenge themselves and to ask the tough questions about their faith. We also hope to instill an attitude of justice and service into all of our students as they prepare to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church. We pray that students who complete the Visitation Confirmation Program will be prepared to live out their catholic faith for the rest of their lives, always in search of God’s truth.

Requirements for Registration in Program

The Confirmation Program at Visitation Church has these pre-registration requirements:

  1. Students in our Confirmation program must be in high school throughout their participation in the two year process.
  2. Students must have been baptized before starting Confirmation program. If student has not had their First Communion, please talk to program coordinator to set one up.
  3. Copies of Baptism and First Communion certificates are required at the time of registration.

 Program Description

Our Program is a 2 year process in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation that follows the Archdiocese of Los Angeles guidelines for Confirmation. Our curriculum for classes comes from the program Chosen: Your Journey Towards Confirmation from Ascension Press. This program uses dynamic videos to spark discussions about faith topics. For in depth information about the Chosen program you can talk to Geremy Brosmer or visit

Our Program is designed to be flexible. We understand that teens have more and more demands for their time these days. That is why on any given class day we offer the class twice. The first class starts at 3:00pm and ends with mass attendance at 4:30pm. The second session starts with mass attendance at 4:30pm and ends at 7:00pm. This way you can pick which time works best for you and your family. And in case of a conflict you can attend the other class.

Program Requirements

  1. Students are required to attend 14 sessions between August and April each year. Because of our limited time with the students no more than two absences are allowed per year.
  2. We require that the students attend the 4:30pm mass every time they attend a session. Students will be asked to take on responsibilities during mass including: altar serving, lecturing (reading), ushering, and being a part of the choir/ band. Parents are encouraged to attend mass with their teens and get involved with them.
  3. Throughout the year we will be offering group service projects (at least one per month). Students in the program are required to participate in 2 group service projects per year. Teens may also submit a request to participate in service outside of what we have prepared; any outside service must be approved by the Coordinator.
  4. All students are required to attend a weekend retreat during the second year of their confirmation preparation. See student handbook for more info.
  5. All students are required to pick a sponsor by the third confirmation session. See student handbook for more info.
  6. Students are required to pick the name that will be used as their confirmation name. Traditionally this is either the baptismal name or the name of a saint. Students must do a short write up about why they chose the name they chose.



If you are an adult who was baptized in another Christian faith and would like to become Catholic, or if you are a baptized Catholic, age 18 or older, and wish to complete your initiation into the Catholic faith, click here to learn more about our RCIA program – the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It’s a great way to meet people from our faith community and get started exploring the Catholic faith!