Confirmation Program

Confirmation Group 2016

Program Goals

Our goal as a program is to provide a setting that is safe, fun, and inviting in which students are encouraged to deepen their faith and relationship with Jesus, the church community, and each other. We hope that our program helps teenagers to grow in their knowledge and excitement about their faith, and become more fully involved in our church community. We also hope to instill an attitude of justice and service into all of our students as they prepare to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church. We pray that students who complete the Visitation Confirmation Program will be prepared to live out their catholic faith for the rest of their lives.

Program Description

Our Program is a 2 year process in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation that follows the Archdiocese of Los Angeles guidelines for Confirmation. Our curriculum for classes comes from the program Chosen: Your Journey Towards Confirmation from Ascension Press. This program uses dynamic videos to spark discussions about faith topics. For in depth information about the Chosen program you can talk to Geremy Brosmer or visit

Our program runs in a small group format. That means that students enter a class of around 10 students. These small groups will be where the majority of the learning and sharing is done. We believe that a small group format encourages the teens to become more active in the learning process. It also enables our teachers to focus better on each individual student.

Program Requirements

  1. Students are required to attend 14 sessions between the beginning of September and the end of April each year. They will attend 12 small group sessions and 2 large group sessions each year.
  2. Mass attendance is a pivotal part of our catholic faith. Families should be attending masses together every Sunday. We ask that the students attend the 4:30 mass every time they attend a session. Students will be asked to take on responsibilities during these masses. Responsibilities include, Altar Serving, Reading, Ushering, and being a part of the choir/ band.
  3. Service is an important part of our process. Throughout the year we will be offering group service projects (at least one per month). Students in the program are required to participate in 3 group service projects per year.
  4. Our youth ministry program will be offering 2 retreats throughout the year to all high school aged teens. All confirmation students are required to attend one of those two retreats. Year 2 students will have a retreat of their own that they are required to attend.
  5. All students are required to pick a sponsor. See Parent/ Sponsor section for more info.
  6. Students are required to pick the name that will be used as their confirmation name.


CLICK HERE to download the registration form. Completed registration form can be sent to .