“The annual Catholic Appeal in the Los Angeles Archdiocese was instituted to establish joyful stewardship among all parishes to promote the mission of the Church.”

For 23 years, Together in Mission has provided the basics for local churches and schools in need enabling all to thrive. In this unique program, all parishes in the archdiocese contribute to the fund. ALL contributions (100% of the funds) are then distributed to parishes and schools throughout the region which would not otherwise be able to stay open as places of worship and Catholic Education.

Last year, Together in Mission supported 81 parishes and 63 schools in every region of the Archdiocese. Our contributions enable the LA Archdiocese to provide essential resources and ministries that enrich parish life, strengthen families, advance Church leadership and inspire and educate future generations of our faith. Belos is a short video from the Archdiocese about how the program benefits us all.

Contributions from Visitation

The annual appeal for Together in Mission takes place in the winter. Each parish, including Visitation, is provided with a funding goal by the Archdiocese, based upon our church’s regular proceeds in the prior year. We are responsible for reaching that goal through pledges and contributions by our parishioners.

  • If our parishioners pledge more that the “goal”, we are able to retain the surplus and use that money toward our own goals and programs.
  • If we fall short of our fundraising goal, the parish must make up the difference from our general revenues.

This year our goal is $36,600. So we prayerfully asked each family to consider their ability to contribute to the Body of Christ in our Archdiocese, and join the priests and parishioners in our parish in making a pledge this year. We are pleased to announce that Visitation Church has met its 2016 goal of $39,600!!!

Every additional dollar we raised beyond the $39,600 is returned to our parish in unrestricted funds.  If you haven’t yet made a contribution and wish to, you can contact the parish office, or an online contribution by clicking here. Just be sure to designate the funds for Church of the Visitation!