Renew Visitation

Our goal is to raise $3.5 million to enhance and reinvigorate the Visitation Community.  We aim to improve the experience of worship and learning for our members and to attract new members to our Catholic Community in Westchester.

In 1943, a small group of Catholics banded together to build the first Catholic Church in Westchester, The Church of the Visitation.  So soon after the war, most had little money, so through parish carnivals, bake sales, paper drives and all means imaginable, they were able to collect the funds needed to build a church, school, convent, and parish hall.  They created a legacy that flourishes to this day.  Visitation continues as a source of light for the community, as our Lord would have it be.  Our school is near capacity, offering excellent Catholic education from grades TK-8.  Our sports program is more vibrant than ever.  The Sunday masses are so welcoming, with wonderful music, and an outreach to our young families and youth/young adults.  our bible studies, ministry to the sick, the poor and the homeless, our adult education, Parish Religious Education and Confirmation Programs have grown quickly over the last few years.  We breathe the life of Christ!  Now, the torch has been passed to us to rebuild and renew our parish plant, so that we can continue that legacy begun years ago to give a generation yet to come.

-Monsignor Jim Forsen

Secured fencing around perimeter
Refreshed grounds with green space
Church courtyard for gatherings
Church flooring, entryway, and pews
Parking lot resurfacing and painting
HVAC for school and auditorium
O’Sullivan Hall remodel and upgrades
Abestos abatement
Upgraded windows
Painting, landscaping and many more needed repairs