Bereavement Support

You will never completely get over the death of a loved one, nor should you, but you will learn to continue living and sometimes in better ways that you cannot imagine. Can you think of a greater way to honor the memory of your loved one?

“This support group saved my life.”

Visitation Church offers bereavement support groups and workshops to help in the grieving process facilitated by Candace Blankenship. She has personal experience with significant losses in her life and has received specialized training from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and other grief programs to effectively and compassionately support those suffering through grief. The New Day Journal by Mauryeen O’Brien is used as the foundation for our sessions. Guest speakers from Catholic Charities and other organizations also add depth to this healing ministry. Click here to learn more about The New Day Journal.

“I have been in other support groups and I like the spiritual content of this one.”

The support group provides a non-judgmental and safe haven for the expression of loss, anger, guilt, pain and paralysis through the comfort of shared experiences, journaling, practical resources, praying, and scripture reading. Participants are reminded how their Catholic faith, the Mass and Sacraments help them through the grieving process. Healing, hope and joy can return to their lives.

“Friends and family get tired of my talking about my husband’s passing. I can talk at this group and the people understand. I don’t feel so alone.”

The support group is offered once or twice a year for 8 weeks. Meetings are held in the Parish Center and will be announced in the Church bulletin and website. Participants are expected to attend all 8 weeks. Cost of the support group is $80 per person ($10 a week) for supplies and guest speakers. Please check the announcement section of the website or the bulletin for any upcoming sessions. For more information, fill out the contact form below and submit it. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. email or call the Parish Office for contact info.

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