Parish Leadership

The Pastor is assisted by several important leadership groups in the parish. These include the Pastoral Council, the Finance Council, the Safeguarding the Children Committee, and the Liturgy Committee.

The Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council provides advice and assistance to the Pastor for the building of our faith community. The Council is made up of current Parishioners appointed by the Pastor, with an interest in building up the community and the time and energy to contribute.

In 2014, the Pastoral Council undertook a survey of parish needs, strengths and weaknesses, and sponsored a series of Town Hall meetings to assist and advise the Pastor in developing plans for ministering to, and growing, our parish community. They followed up that work in early 2015 with a series of Strategic Planning sessions to hone in on initiatives that would address deficiencies of the parish and leverage its strengths to help us grow in faith and fellowship. The six areas being addressed are listed below.


The Council is currently working with the Pastor on implementing initiatives in each of these areas with the assistance of a bevy of parish volunteers.

The Pastoral Council meetings are held at the pastor’s discretion. Mark & Guylaine Brosmer currently lead the Council. For more information, contact the parish office at 310-216-1145.

The Finance Council

The Finance Council advises the Pastor with regard to budget preparation, monitoring expenditures against budget, and planning for capital projects. They may also advise on related fiscal matters such as online giving, safeguarding cash collections, banking issues, etc.   It is canonically required that every parish have an active Finance Council.

Members of the Finance Council bring their personal skills, training, commercial financial experiences and expertise to the Church in a special way. Although the canonically required finance councils are called to play significant consultative roles in parishes, the pastor is ultimately responsible for the fiscal health of the parish and school.

Members of the Finance Council are selected by the Pastor. Members generally serve for several years. The Archdiocese provides periodic training for new Finance Council members.

The Ad Hoc Buildings and Grounds Committee

One of the primary areas for improvement identified during our 2014 Town Hall Meetings and Parish Survey, was addressing the needs of our physical plant. To assist in determining the size and scope of the endeavor, the Pastor assembled an Ad Hoc Committee of parishioners with specific experience in Construction Management and the Building Trades.

Together, the Committee walked every inch of our facilities and identified maintenance needs throughout the complex. Those needs were prioritized based on a variety of factors including safety, condition, usage, cost, etc.

Several initial projects were put out to bid with oversight from the Ad Hoc Committee to ensure the parish continues to get good value for its money. Several projects have since been completed including refurbishing of all the restrooms in the church and updates and repairs to the school offices. The Committee continues to support the pastor in working through the identified needs of the parish in a thoughtful and responsible way.

Members of this Ad Hoc Committee are selected by the pastor. They are supported in small projects and clean-up endeavors by a bevy of volunteer parishioners. Please contact the parish office if you’d like to help out when volunteers are needed.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee assists the pastor in planning for the seasons and majory feasts of the Liturgical year.  Members are selected by the pastor.  The Committee convenes as needed.

Safeguarding the Children Committee

In compliance with the Archdiocesan mandate and in faithful service to the goal of preventing child sexual abuse in our community, this committee’s mission is to help educate all parish members in protecting the children and young people of the parish from physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse issues.  This is an important initiative within the Los Angeles Archdiocese and is fully embraced at Visitation Parish.  Click here to learn more about the Committee, the Archdiocesan mandate, what has happened at Visitation to meet the challenge, and how to become Vertus certified.