Summer Choir At Visitation

Summer choir is for YOU! It’s open to ALL. Noweeknight rehearsal. No one taking attendance. Noauditions. No scheduling nightmare. Come one week,skip the next- it’s all good. Here’s how it works:During June, July, and August, if you want to be in thechoir, just show up for a short rehearsal at 9:00 A.M.(for the 9:30 Mass) in the church or 10:00 AM (for the11:00 mass) in the parish center, ready to sing. We’llrehearse simple music with whomever is there, andthen we’ll be the choir for that Mass. No experiencerequired, and you don’t need to know how to readmusic or let anyone know that you’re coming. Justshow up (or don’t)- all are welcome!