Mary Golad

Mary Golad
Visitation Parishioner for 61 years
Attends 5pm mass on Saturday evenings

“I started in 3rd grade at Visitation school, as a parent I sent my own children to Visitation, and today I am the parish secretary.

I have worked at the rectory since 1992, first as a housekeeper/cleaner, then as the secretary since 1995 for every pastor Visitation has had except Msgr. O’ Sullivan.

Visitation’s defining quality has always been the people who make up the parish. They are generous, kind, loving and helpful in every way.

We have also been very lucky in the quality of the pastors and associate pastors who have worked here, although I am really partial to our current pastor and associate. They are truly the best of the best. As my husband said when he met Father Jim, “if you look in the dictionary under priest, there should be a picture of Father Jim.” He is the energizer bunny whose brain never stops and who can’t say no. I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with/for him.

My favorite memory is a recent one. When my office was renovated by a very generous parishioner. I am very appreciative of my “new” surroundings and I thank them in my prayers everyday!

The future of Visitation is very bright. With the renovations that are planned for RENEW VISITATION, there are some good changes coming. I am especially excited about all the technology that we have tapped into with Facebook, Instagram and using email and messaging. I still don’t know how to tweet, but maybe my son will show me how someday.

And I do love my job! “