Dick Van Dusen

Dick Van Dusen
Visitation parishioner for 67 years
“I am Sacristan in the Church and help in the Rectory office.
As Sacristan I ready the needs for Mass celebration for all Masses. I am an usher at the Sunday 11 AM Mass.
Where I am now, I can appreciate being a student at Visitation School in the 1950s.
Playing in the dirt lot that was just north across from 86th street of where the old Church stood and where the Jr. High building is now.
How the School became an island surrounded by water when it rained.
How we had about 8 racks for parking bikes that we took to school.
The nuns were tough but extremely loving and giving of their lives.
I dearly miss the carnival dunk tank that Dick Laner manned some times on a cold October day, also the carnival jail that held students that had warrants of arrest put out for them, we also had the U.S. Coast Guard land a helicopter on the School yard in front of all the classes and then offer hands on tours of the airship and of a Fire Department Hook & Ladder truck brought in by Fire House #5. Lastly I still remember a December where we all crowded into the auditorium, sat on the floor with popcorn, and watched a Laurel & Hardy Christmas themed film “March of the Toy Soldiers”.”