On Resolutions for the New Year

“Dear God. My prayer for the New Year is a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don’t mix these up like you did last year.”

Why is it that, as the New Year arrives, we are bombarded with resolutions, ones that we should make or that others are making? I read a list of the 20 Best New Year’s resolutions: “Eat healthy foods. Get a physical exam. Set up a fitness routine. Attend educational events. Schedule time for hobbies. Save money and pay off debts. Lose weight. Get more sleep. Reduce Screen Time. Read a book. Quit smoking. Quit drinking. Learn a new skill. Volunteer with charities. Go to church…I am stopping at 15. Just reading that list is exhausting. Now I am all in favor of positive change, but I hate setting myself up for a fall. So rather than a long list – or even a short one! – of all the things that I should resolve to do, I offer some simple ones for our parish.

New Year’s resolution for Visitation Priests: Try to preach shorter homilies. (Please note: I said “try.”)

New Year’s resolution for Visitation Moms: Patience.

New Year’s resolution for Visitation Dads: Patience. Patience. Patience.

New Year’s Resolution for parents: Every day, enjoy your children and pick out one thing that you love about them.

New Year’s resolution for kids: Every day, enjoy your parents, and pick out one thing that you love about them.

New Year’s Resolution for Spouses: Take your spouse out for a date. At least once in the coming year. No kids. And she gets to pick the movie.

New Year’s Resolution for the rest of us: Pray more often. Love more deeply. Forgive always.

Fr. Jim