Renewing Visitation

Dear Visitation Parish,

We have recently undergone the process of a feasibility study of our parish members to see if Visitation has the viability to run a capital campaign for Renew Visitation. The company we used for the study, Changing Our World, discovered through several interviews of our parishioners that we are indeed ready to begin fundraising for Visitation.

We would like to thank those who participated in the interview. Your willingness to answer questions about the Visitation Community opened our eyes to the generosity of our parish and school.

Changing Our World served us well in the feasibility study, but discovered through this process that we have a very capable group of leaders and volunteers who have committed to structuring our campaign to suit the needs of Visitation. This decision was not taken lightly and without careful consideration of the $70,000 fee that Changing Our World was going to charge to continue with their service. So rather than hiring this company, we have decided to use our own resources and invest our money accordingly.

The next step in our capital campaign is to explore every avenue to find major gifts that will secure a financial foundation, before launching our official parish pledge drive for Renew Visitation at the end of April.

Fr. Jim