I thank God every time I think of you.

“I thank God every time I think of you…” Phil. 1:2

The longer that I am a pastor here at Visitation, the more I understand these words of St. Paul. As we all know, our parish festival was last weekend, and while we do not yet have the financial returns at the time I am writing this to you, I can tell you of the success that I saw. During the whole weekend, and especially on Saturday night, Visitation was jumping! Kids were running wild from one ride to another. Two football games were going in the beer hall. The smell of hamburgers, hot dog, and Italian meatballs filled the air. The dining area was PACKED with people. Alumni returned and filled the hall. And everywhere, everywhere there was laughter. Someone said to me that she hoped we would make a lot of money during the festival. You bet! But more than that, you cannot buy the spirit, the friendly comradery, the joy, the sense of community that was so present. I was so proud to be a part of so vibrant and giving a parish. I give thanks to the legions of volunteers who sold tickets, handed our fish, ran the games, baked pastries, and cooked enough food for a small army. All the school parents, parishioner volunteers, the Knights of Columbus, the Renew Visitation Committee, the PTO, Thank you to all. A great thank you to our festival committee: Ed Stokx, Chip Mallek, Alex Flores, Bill Thompson, Liz Presogna, Tracy Toia, Chris Calsbeek, Claudia Cazarez, Yvonne Schroeder, Paul Condran, Daphne Allen, Teresa Cook, Angela Pina, Dale Birmingham, Guylaine Brosmer, Emily Leigh, Sara Gharibeh, Jennifer Howard, Ana Maria Sancho-Fierro, Xochilth Gharibeh and Courtney O’ Donoghue. I am grateful to God for all of you and your hard work.

Congratulations to our raffle winners:

Hawaii Trip – Jorge Castillo

Mammoth Mountain – Christine Abdelkerim

Truxton’s gift card – Lee Amital

Paco’s Tacos gift card – Leslie del Prado

(If any of the winners require a Catholic chaplain to accompany you on your trip, I am sure the priests of Visitation will be able to accommodate such a request!)

Thank you. Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us, and to all who helped with our raffle, and to all who sponsored booths and rides, and to all who donated to the event. Thank you.

I thank God every time I think of you.

Fr. Jim