New Beatitudes for Modern Life

On the Feast of All Saints, we heard the gospel proclaiming the beatitudes “Blessed are the poor in spirit… Blessed are the peacemakers… Blessed are the meek.” In that same spirit that Jesus brought to this world, I offer you once again my “new beatitudes for modern life…

Beatitudes for the Disciple

Blessed are the grateful, for they know that all is a gift from God.

Blessed are those who forgive, for they know that they have been forgiven.

Blessed are they who have suffered injustice and have not succumbed to bitterness and resentment, for they are true sons and daughters of God.

Blessed are the those who sacrifice themselves daily for the sake of their family, for their reward in heaven will be great.

Blessed are those who comfort the sorrowing, their lives will be filled with joy.

Blessed are those who know they need God and call Him “Father,” for the temptations of the world will not seduce them.

Blessed are those for whom the riches of this world just aren’t that important, for they will be known as the pure of heart.

But I was also thinking that maybe the family needs some beatitudes too.


Beatitudes for the Family

Blessed is the soccer mom who drives her children to more sports events ever imaginable, one day she will rest in the bosom of Abraham. And hand him the keys.

Blessed is the older teenager, who offers to babysit the younger siblings so that mom and dad can take a night off and go on a date, that child will be loved forever!

Blessed are the children who do their homework, clean their rooms, and go to bed when their parents tell them to; through them, their parents will grow in holiness thinking that the end must be near.

Blessed is the family who lets dad watch the football game in peace, because everybody knows that God loves Notre Dame too.

Blessed is the husband who comes home from a long day of work, but sees a tired wife, and he decides to cook dinner instead of her, he will go right to heaven when he dies. Even if dinner was just hot dogs.

And blessed is the family who once a week turns off the TV, shuts off the internet, puts away their cell phones, texts no one, and spends a meal together, for they will grow in love.

Fr. Jim