Online Giving

My brothers and sisters of Visitation,

Over the last two years, I have been repeatedly asked by several parishioners about online giving, if it would be possible for our parish to offer the option for people to make their contributions to the parish over the internet. I am happy to say that we finally have that option possible for any of you who are interested.

The Church of the Visitation has just contracted with Faith Direct, an online eGiving provider, to offer our parish this service. Faith Direct is a nationwide company, working in many churches across America and has been approved of by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

As our society moves away from the use of cash and checks and more toward the use of the internet for financial transactions, I want our parish to be ready to provide such services to those who might prefer them. There are some advantages to online giving. Convenience: With Faith Direct, there will be no need to write a check for your weekly or monthly donation. The contribution will be made automatically to the parish.

Cost Effective: Every parishioner who signs up with faith direct means one less package of envelopes to print and to mail out, which will mean a savings for our parish.

Practicality: In the future, with parish or school fundraisers, people will be able to make use of online giving in order to support Visitation activities.

Account Management: A parishioner who signs up for online giving can create their own personal account which will allow them to monitor their giving. Also, each subscriber will be sent an end-of-year account of their giving for tax purposes.

People can enroll either through the parish website ( or by using the flyer provided in Sunday’s bulletin. These flyers are also available at the parish and school offices. If anyone needs help in registering, our parish staff is ready to assist you with this.

Faith Direct maintains a secure website, never having suffered a breach, all for the security and assurance of our parishioners.

I plan on inscribing myself as I hope you do too. I believe this will ensure a stable and safe means by which we can contribute to our parish and continueour care of her.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call upon us.

Fr. Jim