Renew Visitation

Throughout this month of August, the pastor’s notes will be dedicated raising our collective awareness of what needs to be repaired and replaced here at Visitation.

Isn’t it true how accustomed we can get to broken things? The faucet leaks, but we eventually quit hearing the drips. The house needs being painted, but we quit noticing the flaking and faded color. The dent in the car, the broken icemaker. In the rectory kitchen, we had a toaster that for some reason broke and started launching toast across the room and behind the stove. Rather than fix or replace it, Fr. Tim and I would simply stand guard to catch the sourdough missiles as they came flying out! The same can be true of our church. We hear that we need approximately $3.5 million to do all the repairs and we can wonder, “Why? What’s broken?” Well, we just quit noticing things. For the next few weeks the pastor’s notes will be focusing on what needs our TLC.

When you come to church next week, take a good look at the church chandeliers as see how tarnished and rusty they are. Look at the stations and the windows above the side doors and see the years of soot and dirt that have built up. Some pews are coming loose from their brackets and all need being refinished. Little by little, over the years, this and more have worn down. The baton is now passed to us. It is time to Renew Visitation! In the coming weeks, I will be showing you more and inviting you to join a coming financial plan.

Fr. Jim