This and That

Even though it is summertime, so many things have been going on around the parish, I wanted to keep everyone updated as to what has been happening.


Renew Visitation Construction – You may have noticed that there is major reconstruction going on over at the school. What began as the relatively simple plan to fix the downstairs children’s restrooms and add an additional commode for the teacher’s restroom has become a major demolition and remodeling effort. To meet current building codes, doors needed being repositioned, stairs turned into ramps, flooring and ceiling removed and asbestos abated, reinforcing existing ceilings, new electrics etc. There have been six change orders to date! We are currently on schedule to finish before school begins. As said before, the current expense is approximately $360,000.00. For more information go to our website to see pictures of the work.

Bible Study – Most Catholics know very little about the bible, how it was written, who wrote it and what it says. Well, on Saturday, July 30, from 9:00AM – 12:00PM we will be studying the Gospel of Mark and by the end of the morning it is guaranteed that you will receive an in-depth understanding of this fascinating book of the bible.

Visitation Video – Once again, if you missed the O’Grady Pub Dinner, you can go to our website and see the video tribute to the history of Visitation.

New Website – Have you seen our new  Website ( and FaceBook Page (link is on thewebsite)? We are also beginning to Tweet and Instagram. Sign up on our website.

4:30 PM SUNDAY MASS – Even though we started this mass back in September, I am still surprised by how many parishioners do not even know about it! Our Music Director Kathy McGrath and her husband Michael play great contemporary Christian music. It is especially aimed for our young adults, for soccer moms and dads who have Sunday morning sports tournaments and cannot make Sunday morning services. If you haven’t experienced it yet, please come by!

Young Adults – Fr. Tim McGowan is just starting to meet with young adults in our parish to see what they might want our parish to be for them. If interested, please call Fr. Tim at the rectory.

PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) – We are currently having registrations for children in need of their sacraments or ongoing education after the Sunday masses.

Youth Retreat – Our Confirmation Coordinator, Geremy Brosmer, just returned from Arizona where he took a group of our Viz teens on a LifeTeen Retreat. (What is LifeTeen? Go to We are hoping to start a youth group in our parish in the coming Fall.

Sooooo…. that’s enough of this. It’s been busy!

Fr. Jim