God is an Ironic God

(Or “How Irish Catholic Guilt Moves the World.”)

So by now I imagine that most of you have heard that the O’Grady Pub was a wonderful success, as more than 400 people gathered to celebrate our history, begin our campaign to Renew Visitation, and thank Fr. O’Grady for more than 43 years of service to our parish. The food, the Irish music, the dancing, all were wonderful. I am so grateful to our committee who performed Herculean tasks to create such a wonderful night. A heartfelt thank you to Tom Hughes and his crew, and to Chip and Maria Mallek, Courtney O’ Donoghue, Ana Maria Sancho-Fierro, Michelle DeMarco, Diane Mayer, Marleen Migliazzo Kaufman, and Anna Cody for the slide show, Terri Engler, and Jennifer Howard. A special thanks to Mike Mininsky and his bar crew and our parish staff: Yolanda Garcia, Mary Golad, and Dick Van Dusen. If you were not able to attend, please go to our website and FaceBook page; by today, we hope to have downloaded videos and pictures of the event as well as Fr. O’Grady’s talk. Finally, thank you, Fr. O’Grady for joining us and letting us thank you.

Now. About that raffle. You may have already heard that the $10,000.00 reverse raffle prize was split between the last two tickets, one for a parishioner who wished to remain anonymous and the other was……well…..mine. So this is what happened. I intentionally did not buy myself a ticket because I knew, if I won, it would look fishy, or that some people would never believe it, or worse, that I would never hear the end of it!

But, a parishioner bought a ticket in my name, and it won, showing that God has a sense of humor. (God: “Here Jim. Let me throw you this curve ball and see if you can hit it! I’m in charge here, not you, mister!”) On hearing that I split the jackpot, my sister texted me, “Well, how is that Irish Catholic guilt flowing through your veins feel this Sunday morning?”

Msgr. Hill said last Sunday that Visitation has given him so much for which he is so grateful. I feel the same way. Visitation has been so generous to me, and our rebuilding is so important that I am giving all the $5,000.00 back to the parish in gratitude for all that Visitation has given me. And also, I do this not because I am noble, but because I am Irish Catholic!

Fr. Jim