3rd Sunday of Lent

My brothers and sisters, you may remember back in October we published our first annual “State of the Parish” message detailing the life of our parish, everything from our financial status, sacramental developments, the state of our school, the number of baptisms, marriages, funerals, students etc. We did so in hopes that a more transparent parish with better informed parishioners will result in a stronger community. When I arrived, we began publishing our weekly collection results so that everyone would have an idea of how we are doing financially. Now, I believe that it is important to place that information into a greater financial context. Simply reporting a weekly collection of, say, $10,000.00 doesn’t really give the community a full picture. (“Is $10,000.00 plenty? Insufficient?)

So beginning this week, we will be making monthly reports in addition to our weekly collection reports. Included will be our Year-To- Date statistic. We also will also be creating a thorough quarterly report in addition to our annual report. Those reports will give greater detail of the other parish revenue sources and expenses. The brief monthly report will give the broad stroke picture and, when necessary for better understanding, will include explanations of any unusual or one- time expenses or income. (You will see that in today’s report, how we incurred a one-time repair of the rectory and convent, which put us in the red for this month.) In the coming months I will try to keep you well informed about our fund raising, fiscal plans for the parish, and, quite simply, how we are doing. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please call on me.

Fr. Jim