Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time


“No one gets into heaven without a letter of recommendation from the poor.”

Last Sunday we renewed our commitment to the archdiocesan financial campaign called Together in Mission that assists 80 parishes and 63 school too poor to sustain themselves. In my sermon, paraphrased J. Forbes: “No one gets into heaven without a letter of recommendation from the poor.” In fact, the credibility of a church is in direct proportionto the degree that it cares for those in need. For this reason, I thank all of you who so generously responded to this call to help the poor.

As I mentioned, before coming to Visitation, I worked at St. Columbkille/Nativity parish(es) in South Central Los Angeles. I have seen firsthand how desperately needed is this assistance and also the great fruit that it bears in such communities. To any of you who received the registration brochure from the archdiocese through the mail, I ask that you prayerfully consider what donation you can make and to mail it in or drop it off at the rectory. I also ask those of you who have yet to participate in this campaign to consider doing so. As I mentioned, this money is used exclusively for the poor parishes and schools, and for no other cause. Your donation creates so much hope in these struggling parishes.

Jesus said: “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me.” Come to think of it, He is the one writing those letters for us. So, come join us. Our parish goal is $36,600.00 which we must raise through our collective donations. If all of us do our share, we can easily meet this goal as we have in the past. We do not have a pledge total at this time, but when that information is available, I will get you posted. Again, I am grateful to you for your care for the poor and for your generous response.

Fr. Jim