Feast of Epiphany

I hate New Year’s Resolutions. All they do is make me feel guilty and lazy when I don’t keep them. So I have a suggestion for us all. Skip the promise to diet, go to the gym more often, lose weight, quit smoking, no sweets, etc. I have a list I offer us all of very do-able resolutions which I offer for your consideration. New Year’s resolutions that you only have to keep once.

Resolution for Visitation Husbands

  • I will take my wife out on a date at least once in the coming year. No kids. And she gets to choose what to do.

Resolution for Visitation Wives

  • I will make sure that my husband reads the “Resolution for Visitations Husbands.”

Resolution for Visitation Children under age 12

  • Without asking, I will volunteer to wash the dishes, clean my room, take out the trash and then ask mom and dad what else I can do to help. (I know that’s a lot, but remember! You only have to keep this resolution once.)

Resolution for Visitation Priests

  • I promise before the end of January to preach a really short Sunday homily.

Resolution for Visitation Teens

  • I will say to my mom and dad, “Can I come to mass with you today?” And I won’t complain about long, boring homily.

Resolution for Visitation School Children (for any school)

  • I will not mess around in class for one whole day and will do exactly what the teachers tell me to do.

Resolution for Visitation Church-Going Families

  • I will register for the parish and use the Church Envelopes (Fr. Jim’s Favorite)

Resolution for Visitation Single Adults

  • I will treat myself and a friend / significant other to a walk on the beach / Saturday lunch / Sunday mass and brunch / whatever. At least once.

Resolution for all Visitation Families

  • We will have dinner all together as a family before Ash Wednesday (February 10!) and no cell phones.

Fr. Jim